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Into the Dark Mountains (Book 1)

How lost one feels
when his own character remains a mystery to him.
"The hatred he bore in his soul set everything before its scrutiny, causing him to see only through the eyes of his anger."
     For years, Eyoés has been lied to — told his father was a mere scribe. When a mysterious journal challenges the past he thought to be true, his future comes into question. Vowing to follow in the footsteps of his heroic father, Eyoés begins training - but finds himself the only survivor of a surprise attack.
     Consumed by his oath to avenge, he heedlessly sets off on a quest to discover the identity of an ancient menace in the depths of darkness. As Eyoés flounders for his purpose, and falls further into the pit of hatred, he begins to discover his identity in unforseen places. 
     Will Eyoés continue to lose his bearings, or emerge the victor?
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The Allegiance of Avarice (Book 2)

What price would you pay to know your enemies?
"A storm is coming, and it will not be long
before it claims you also."
"There had been a time when the sword had seemed the best way to confront an enemy. Now, even his father's blade could do little."

      Four years have passed since the fall of Skreon, the Murderer. Now with Gwyndel nearing the end of her Stewardship and the rebuilding of Castle Asdale, Eyoes comes closer to establishing the peace and prosperity of the home he loves. When an urgent letter beckons them to Rehillon, however, Eyoes and Gwyndel find themselves pulled into a treacherous fight with no clear sides. The identity of their enemy repeatedly eludes them, and lethal blows continue to wreak disaster. Allying with friends old and new, they embark on a new type of quest –where the enemy may be in their very midst.
Can discernment prevail? Or will deception be their downfall?
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The Reign of Delusion (Book 3)

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Where fear walks, war follows in its shadow. 

“Change is difficult for one to attain

when the mind is addled with the despairing words of liars.”

“All people are free to choose their master—

whether it be the truth or a ruse.”


     Castle Asdale has risen to glory from its former ashes. Under the leadership of Eyoés Kingson, Taekohar enjoys a stable peace and prosperity. With the threat of illness spreading across Alithell, Eyoés and Gwyndel travel to secure relief for Taekohar’s people. Instead, they are trapped in a land where the hearts of men are frozen. Violence rules the snowy wastelands of Norgalok with an iron fist, and fear sows turmoil and mistrust. With the aid of a noble few, Eyoés and Gwyndel fight back a sinister evil that threatens to exploit the people’s terror.


War lies on the horizon—and in Norgalok, fear is no discerner of persons.

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Alithell is spiraling into excess  —

and tyrants thrive on the opportunity.


“It's easier to doubt honor than fight for it.”


“There are those in Mithlon who feign friendship, but plot betryal.”

Alithell is collapsing, and despite his efforts, Eyoés Kingson can do little to stop it. Even as he adapts his leadership to better others, he finds himself incapable. With the revelation of Haeryn’s true lineage, he journeys to Edeveros to usher his adopted son into his new identity. The once legendary territory has fallen into instability. Gwyndel is trapped in the crossfire between a faceless killer and his victim. With his father now compelled to take action, Haeryn finds himself engaged in a volatile struggle to thwart the pleasure-seeking Baron’s bloody schemes. With little choice, Eyoés, Gwyndel, and Haeryn are drawn into conflicts they were not prepared for.


And Alithell is not prepared for the cost.


The Court of Extravagant Secrets (Book 4)

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The Coming of Night (Book 5)

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A broken world is ripe for the  picking.


“Allies are hard to come by. Especially in these times.”


“The hidden struggle between good and evil

has revealed itself upon our doorstep.”

Alithell has grown weak. Prosperity has taken its toll, and as the years have passed, the heroes of old have been cast aside. After watching his beloved homeland fall victim to its own corruption, Eyoes Kingson now stands as a monument to a bygone ageone that many are eager to forget. The influence of Falrey O'Dyre's trade empire has steadily gained the hearts of the people. Upon the arrival of an old acquaintance, Haeryn Irongaze is summoned away from Asdale to war-torn lands, seeking the final key to defeating a rising threat. And at Taekohar's weakest hour, a stranger arrives in Asdale to claim the Baronship. In these dark times, Taekohar—along with the rest of Alithell—may prove too weak to stand against the coming of night.


And when night comes, a man must cling to something greater than himself.

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